Our all-in-one software solution for you

Possible Problems your brand has to deal with

Media mix missing

Media mix missing

Media mix missing

You are a digital native, for which influencer marketing shouldn’t be missing in any media mix?

Influencer selection

Influencer selection

Influencer selection

You know how difficult it is to find the right influencers to match your brand and target audience?

Campaign handling

Campaign handling

Campaign handling

You know the challenge to stay on top of the campaigns and releases?

Measurable results

Measurable results

Measurable results

Do you spend days working on influencer reporting in Excel and PowerPoint?

Here's our solution!

Discover the potential of our creative influencer marketplace! At every step of your campaign, from briefing to reporting, influence.vision supports you as an all-in-one software solution.

This is how our unique Influencer Marketing Agency works


A campaign in 5 steps (for brands):


The benefits of influence.vision Self-Service:


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Tool benefits

Campaign Briefing
Direct contact with influencers
Creative implementation ideas of the influencers receive
Influencer Search Engine
Target group data of followers
Easy collection of Content usage right


Feedback loop and approval processes
Matching algorithm of the target groups
Messaging Tool and Calendar
Detailed reporting dashboard
Data security & verified accounts
Support hands-on

Individual Management

Individual campaign support through Campaign Manager
Influencer pre-selection by Campaign Manager
Influencer communication through Campaign Manager
Event organization through Campaign Manager
Broad campaign conception and strategy (eg podcasts, events, etc.)
A collective bill


Self-Service plan includes:


influence.vision's platform fee in the Self-Service is 25% of the total cost of booking volume on the platform. As soon as the campaign brief is published, a deposit for the platform in the amount of EUR 200, - will be charged. This amount will be credited in your final invoice.

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Self-Service Case Studies

All case studies

FAQ for Brands and Agencies

Make an appointment with our team here and let everything be very precise to explain.

Have a look at our briefing checklist. Experience has shown that it is good to inform the influencers about the most important details of the campaign so that they can estimate how much effort and how many postings are desired.

The publication fee is a fee for using the platform and will be offset against the actual amount booked in the total bill. It will be credited to you in the final bill. This ensures that only the marketplaces that are actually being implemented in our marketplace will be used and prevent the abuse of our platform.

For the plan budget, enter the amount you would like to spend on the campaign. The actual price depends on which offers you have accepted. And no, the influencers do not see how much budget you have planned for a campaign.

Here you accept influencers for your campaign, you refuse them, negotiate about scope or price and you can write them a message.

Please keep the influencers up to date! The easiest way to do that is via the group message feature (top right of your campaign) or write them a message individually.

Only when you accept influencers through the platform, they are actually (and contractually) part of your campaign. Only if they have been accepted can they submit their reports after the completion of the posting phase.

In the next step you clarify the details of your campaign as well as posting dates with them. If you have any problems, our support team will be happy to help.

The reporting shows you how many people have reached your campaign. It also shows you which post had how many impressions / views / engagement

You get your total bill directly from influence.vision. Here are all costs included.

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Hands-on support

We are available to answer your questions. Send us a message anytime.

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