How to find the right YouTubers for your brand

by Nicholas Agardy | vor 6 Monaten

YouTube has over 1.9 billion logged in users who visit their site at least once a month. Over the past five years, YouTube has paid out over 2 billion dollars to partners who monetized their claims. And while you may think that celebrities have tons of influence over consumers, the tide is turning. A business that collaborates with YouTube influencers is four times more effective at raising brand familiarity than those who collaborate with celebrities. But first, you have to find the right YouTube influencer to help you achieve your marketing goals. We want to help you improve your ROI with influencer marketing. Keep reading to learn how to find the top YouTube influencers to work with.

Keys to Identifying the Right YouTube Influencers

Not every YouTube influencer is the perfect match for your brand. There are a few things to take into consideration before you reach out to an influencer. 


While it may seem that if a YouTube influencer has a ton of followers, that equates to being a good match. However, you also have to take a look at their engagement rate. 

Keep an eye on their interactions with their followers on their posts. If you don’t see a substantial amount of followers engaging with their content, keep looking. 


Reach is the number of followers/subscribers the influencer has. You can also take a look at the number of visitors an influencer attracts to their website. 

The higher the number, the more significant outreach they’re likely to have with their audience.


The right YouTube influencer will be relevant to your field. A YouTuber who creates make-up tutorials won’t be a good fit if you own an auto company. 

Make sure their niche aligns with your brand, industry, and product. 

Follow Influencers

One of the easiest things you can do is to begin following YouTube influencers. By following influencers, you can consume content on the same level as your target market does. 

You’ll also be able to see which marketing influencers best align with your brand. Check out how often they post and what the quality level of the content is. 

Investigate their saturation rate of sponsored content to unpaid content. 

Look at the YouTube Trending Tab

Every YouTube creator wants to have a video trending on YouTube. And only the hottest and latest videos make it to the trending page. 

Creators reach that page only by finding an enthusiastic audience who responds positively to the content posted. You can even search the trending tab for creators relevant to your brand.

Create a Profile on 

We at are a self- and managed-service influencer marketplace. There are over 3500 active influencers among them many YouTubers such as VeniCraft

To connect with YouTubers like Veni just create a campaign and invite him to collaborate with him. 

Create a Profile on FameBit

Famebit is a self-service platform for influencer marketing. Social media influencers with a minimum of 5,000 followers can register there, making it easy for brands to find and work with them. 

To find YouTube influencers begin by creating a campaign and filling out the details for the service or product you’re looking to promote. Upon submitting your proposal, you’ll start receiving proposals from prospective YouTube influencers. 

While it’s free to access their platform, they do charge fees once a brand and influencer begin working together.


Be Patient

Finding the right YouTube influencers takes time. As always, clear communication about expectations and goals is the key to a successful relationship between a brand and marketing influencer. 

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